The ORIGINS Podcast merges with ORIGINS Foundation!

Breaking News: The ORIGINS Podcast with Lawrence Krauss now a part of The ORIGINS Project Foundation Programming.

The ORIGINS Podcast with Lawrence Krauss has already established itself as one of the leading podcasts merging science and culture today. As a highly produced video program, the ORIGINS Podcast provides listeners and viewers a unique opportunity to hear in depth conversations with the most interesting thought leaders in areas from science to music, from journalism to film. With over 2.1 million views to date, the Podcast, which began airing in June of 2019 has already produced fascinating episodes including Noam Chomsky, Ricky Gervais, Brian May, Sheldon Glashow, George Church, Jennifer Boylan, and Elizabeth Loftus..

By moving within the umbrella of the 501c3 nonprofit ORIGINS Project Foundation the Podcast not only helps expand the mission of the Foundation, but new opportunities for partnerships and support should help provide the financial resources necessary to continue producing high quality video episodes on subjects that address the major intellectual, political and artistic challenges of the 21st century.

We are celebrating this new partnership by releasing a new episode with the incomparable Stephen Fry, filmed earlier this year in London. Lawrence and Stephen discuss topics ranging from Greek Myths to modern politics, language, poetry, and Free Speech. This episode is sure to rival all others as one of the most entertaining and thought provoking programs we have produced to date.

ORIGINS podcast are available in audio on all podcast outlets and directly from our Foundation website. Full video podcasts are available immediately upon release through Patreon subscriptions. Two weeks after release, full video is available on the ORIGINS Podcast YouTube channel.

Those who wish to support the work of the Foundation can now choose to do so in two different ways. You can donate directly to the foundation or, you can choose to subscribe to the podcast through Substack, for immediate, ad-free viewing of our podcasts.

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