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Improve your business through Salesforce Automation


You have a great team but is your team empowered with right tools and processes? Salesforce CRM is world’s leading cloud platform for Sales, Service and Marketing automation. It gets you off the ground very quickly through simple setup and configuration but without experience or knowledge of the platform you could be heading the wrong way as easily. Getting started with an appropriate strategy and planning will save you from spending fortune in remedies and data cleansing.

Learn from the learned. All our consultants are Salesforce.com certified and experienced with a number of implementations for a variety of businesses. Over the time, we formulated best practices that proved to be very effective over the years. With the passion and expertise we have in Salesforce automation you can be assured that our solution will be complete and meets your business needs exactly the way you want.

Review your business processes, understand the problem from your perspective, define scope, and prepare estimates.

Identify License types, User groups, Security needs, Environments and make plan for implementation & rollout.

We will design, configure, develop, test and deploy your automation architecture into Salesforce to unlock new business opportunity for you.

Our team can create setup data, users, define roles, profiles, security rules and migrate data if needed.

We are experts in training users and ensuring great user adoption, the key for success of solution.

Our team can define change management process and maintain the solution to ensure long-term performance.

Go beyond CRM and leverage full potential of Force.com


There are so many “ready to use” products available in the market for pretty much everything a business needs but still there’s often a need to build a solution of your own. Be it adding a feature missing in the “ready to use” product or changing a feature to suit your business process or integrating those “ready to use” products or maybe your business process is so different that building a complete solution of your own makes more sense.


We’re cloud experts and our job is to ensure that customers get best out of their investment. We have a wealth of experience in building a variety of custom solutions for businesses, small to enterprise grade, all in the cloud! We help customers focus on their business problems leveraging the power of cloud to build solutions that are inherently secure, scalable, reliable, highly performing and fault tolerant. You never need to buy a server or software and spend on maintaining it.


ERP solutions for Manufacturing and Service organizations

E-commerce for Retail merchants

Accounting for Construction and Service companies

Order and Inventory Management for Equipment manufacturers

Time and Expense tracking for Professional Service departments

Measure performance and maximize returns


An essential need for any business is the ability to analyze performance against goals and derive appropriate actions to meet the goals. Business Analytics is one of the most complex fields of study and the solutions, being very expensive, were only available to organizations with large IT budgets until recently. Thanks to the emergence of cloud solutions with “pay as you go” model, all the businesses regardless of their size are now starting to empower their teams with analytics tools. We, with extensive experience in analytics solutions combined with our deep understanding of cloud technologies, are well positioned to help customers take advantage of analytics and maximize the returns.


The typical customer needs are beyond just analytics. It’s very critical that the actionable items coming out of Business Analytics are really put into action, ideally through automation. For example, a report may identify a customer segment for a special marketing campaign leaving an actionable item to kick off the campaign. We carved a niche in automating processes across domains and offer packaged solutions where the automation starts in Analytics- your decision support platform.

Identifying suitable cloud platform for Analytics

Designing and building data warehouse

Identifying tools and methodology for integration

Analytics modeling

Process Automation

Integrating the systems involved

Engage customers and partners in your progression


With all the connectedness going on globally, it’s very important for businesses to reassess how they connect with and service their customers and partners. Social media, mobile devices and cloud have sparked a major transformation in how organizations think about technology as a means to connect with people. Companies that embrace this transformation will be invited into their consumers’ lives on a daily basis and will have a far deeper understanding of their customers and, more importantly, about how their products fit into their customers’ lives.

With extensive knowledge and experience in Community cloud solutions we help companies to create one-to-one relationships with customers in entirely new ways, transforming how they sell, service, market, and innovate.

Social collaboration with customers, partners and employees

Share, promote and listen to ideas

Knowledge base for customers

Keep up with Mobile revolution


almost everyone carries a smartphone. In year 2014, it’s expected that 30 percent of all Internet traffic will be via mobile devices. Meanwhile, the cloud – a connected computer infrastructure – is always on, allowing companies to more rapidly build and deploy applications for computers, phones and devices. Taken together, this is the foundation for the “Internet of Things”. We can now combine the cloud and information from mobile devices, and we have a constant connection to social and cloud services.

With Salesforce1 platform you can go mobile instantly and we are highly experienced in leveraging that ready to use platform to build a mobile strategy that best suits your business. Our goal is to help you draft your revolutionary concepts for mobile use and turn them into real mobile solutions.

With very diverse options available for mobile OS (iOS, Android, Windows etc), plethora of brands of devices (especially on Android), a number of form factors (phones, tablets, phablets, watches) and different architectural options (native, HTML5, hybrid), building a solution that works seamlessly across all devices and maintaining is one of the key challenges companies face today. With our expertise and rich experience in building mobile solutions we will help you every step of the way in formulating a strategy and realizing your goals.

Mobile strategy and Roadmap planning

Mobile application development

Integration with cloud services

Who We Are

In today’s technology-driven world, customers play the lead role in building businesses. We at Hiforte Technologies help enterprises to actualize their business goals with custom salesforce solutions. When consumers expect every service to be personalized, we come as a savior with salesforce implementation, support, customization, integration, and consulting services & solutions. We also have experience in building salesforce solutions for large enterprises in various markets.

Our salesforce services & solutions are designed to empower sales, support, marketing, and finance teams to yield maximum results with minimal effort. As a leading Salesforce consulting company in California, we help businesses cut through the learning curve, access a pre-defined salesforce process, and improve with detailed customer insights collected through various channels. At Hiforte, we are building businesses future-ready!


What Makes Our Salesforce Development Different

Experience The Hiforte Advantages

For a decade, we have delivered ROI-centric, cost-effective salesforce solutions for enterprises. As a leading Salesforce consulting company in California, we offer the following advantages to augment your teams and business. 

Our Experience

The Salesforce army at Hiforte has years of experience in offering comprehensive salesforce solutions to complex business problems across implementation and integration. We bring unique solutions to help businesses achieve their goals faster.

Our Differentiators

Our fit-for-purpose business model is the backbone of our business, making us the best salesforce consulting firm in California. Over years of experience, we have developed a four-staged salesforce consultation process to address all your queries.

Our Process

Our fit-for-purpose business model is the backbone of our business, making us the best salesforce consulting firm in California. Over years of experience, we have developed a four-staged salesforce consultation process to address all your queries.

Our Pricing Model

We help customers strengthen their businesses by integrating salesforce CRMs into their strategic roadmap to accelerate their journey. We respect the unique needs of every business and thus offer a wide range of custom salesforce solutions at affordable rates.

Certified Salesforce Consultants

Our team of sales consultants comes with great technical expertise and experience in implementing sales solutions across multiple industries. Our in-house team of dedicated salesforce experts is capable of managing all your business needs with the salesforce cloud.

Support & Maintenance

With your association with us, you will get contacted to an assigned salesforce team that acts as your long-term consultant. Our experts will work around the clock to smoothen your salesforce journey, and we also offer comprehensive salesforce support.

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