Salesforce Implementation

Maximize the return on your investment

Combine the power of Salesforce platform with our expertise to get the most out of your Salesforce investment. We’re an ISV and Consulting partner of with highly skilled and certified consultants including a certified Technical Architect, the highest level of certification offered by We’re one of the very few partners with a certified Technical Architect.

We bring business and technology expertise together to help businesses drive enterprise performance, accelerate innovation, enhance the customer experience, and increase employee productivity.
We’re well versed with all the areas of the platform- Sales cloud, Service cloud, Marketing cloud, Custom cloud, Community cloud, Analytics cloud etc. With our proficiency combined with our passion for quality we can build right solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Business Process Design

Build it right and change with changing needs

“The only thing that is constant in life is change”. Businesses change and their processes change over time. It’s not the most advanced solution or the smartest solution that survives the change in business processes. It’s the most flexible solution that does. The key to flexibility lies in simplicity and we believe in simple solutions to complex problems. It’s not that easy to build simple solutions but we aim to build the most flexible and simplest possible solutions. That is our mission and we have lived it for years with success.

Business Process design is a collective effort between the customers and our consultants. We rarely see business processes that are entirely similar between two companies even in the same industry. We listen to you and understand the problem from your perspective and then put our experience to work to build a solution that is flexible and specific to your needs.


Extend the power of platform through custom development

Salesforce cloud platform, while offering all the benefits of SaaS model with multi-tenant architecture at it’s core, imposes a lot of constraints on the solutions built on it. The periodic and automatic updates to the platform make it possible for customers to get access to new features and capabilities instantly. At the same time, it also means that customer solutions be built on an architecture that is sound, and remain functional, secure and scalable after the upgrades. Any custom development done on the platform opens up possibilities for the solution to break after platform updates. The key in building such solutions is to utilize platform features and leverage Platform’s API in custom development instead of reinventing the wheel – the principle our consultants follow on every project. We translate business requirements into well-architected solutions that are aligned with business objectives while leveraging the best of Salesforce/ platform.


Connect the systems to better realize their value

It’s hard to imagine a business today without a need for some kind of integration, be it with cloud applications or on-premise systems behind firewall or a mix of both. Systems become much more valuable when they are integrated and the workforce productivity increases by several folds. While there are quite a few tools and strategies available to integrate systems, it takes good experience to identify the right tool/strategy and some degree of customization to build something that meets your specific needs. We have experience in building solutions to address simple to very complex integration needs and it is one of our strongest suits.