Who We Are

Hiforte is a technology consulting services company with head office located in San Francisco Bay area. We are a young company led by technology veterans and run by highly energetic consultants. We are cloud solutions experts, specifically on Salesforce platform.

Why choose us?

We believe in customer centrism and our goal is be a trusted partner to our customers in their efforts to transform their business for better bottom lines. We practice ‘Verstehen’ – we step into the shoes of the customer to see their problems the way they see them and understand what they want. We do that with our dedication to providing transformational solutions. It is our mission and we have lived it for years with customer success and lasting partnerships that reflect our commitment to that mission.

Our theme of customer centrism runs through all our processes.
We listen: We leave out preconceived notions about the customers and listen to them to understand their perspective.
We make it: We take the ownership of your problems. We know that there is no single solution to all the problems of all organizations. Every customer is unique, every problem is different and hence every solution ought to be different. It’s your business necessity that we care about rather than superimpose our technical expertise. Your perception of the problem is our scope and we exercise flexibility in developing the solution. We are going to be your ‘friend, philosopher and guide’ throughout.
We manage/maintain it: We do not leave you with the solution alone. With complete comprehension of your boundaries and budget, we’re a companion throughout.


Our solution portfolio includes a wide range of solutions on Salesforce platform for a variety of verticals. The list includes Sales, Marketing and Support solutions for Manufacturing, High Tech, Pharma and Service companies; e-commerce solutions for Educational and Retail companies; ERP and Accounting solutions for Manufacturing and Service companies; Analytics solutions for Financial, Educational and Manufacturing companies; Mobile solutions for Service and Retail companies. We also have a number of specialized custom solutions under our portfolio.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of consultants, analysts, solution & technical architects, developers and project managers, all certified on Salesforce platform. We’re privileged to be one of very few consulting partners of Salesforce.com with a Certified Technical Architect, the highest level of certification offered by Salesforce.com. With our offshore team we offer efficient and cost-effective solutions to our customers.


Looking to join a dynamic team where you can learn, be creative, work at flexible hours and have good work-life balance? We’re the one you’re looking for!
Know Salesforce and are confident? Got certification (Developer/Consultant/Admin/TA)?
You’re the one we’re looking for!
For positions in US, send your resume to jobs-us@hiforte.com
For positions in India, send your resume to jobs-india@hiforte.com